18th - GMS&RDA meeting.

21st - Christmas in July.

25th - Top Spinners 2nd annual Summer Jubilee with Ken Bower.

30th - Top Spinners fundraiser for Alzheimers.


3rd - TS closed for TN State Convention.

4th - B&B closed for TN State Convention.

5th - P&P closed for TN State Convention.

21st - PHP Gloria's Birthday.
21st - Top Spinners 3rd annual August Hot Nights with Gary Shoemake.

24th - TS 37th Anniversary & Ice Cream Social.

25th - B&B Anniversary Dance.


2nd - P&P closed.

19th - GMS&RDA meeting.


20th - GMS&RDA Mid-South Festival.

20th - B&B closed.

21st - GMS&RDA Mid-South Festival.

21st - P&P closed.

26th - TS "Haunted Halloween" Costume Party.

30th - PHP Halloween Dance.


11th - P&P Veteran's Day 51st Anniversary.

21st - GMS&RDA meeting.

23rd - TS closed Thanksgiving.

24th - B&B Robert's Birthday Dance.

25th - P&P closed Thanksgiving.


7th - DDD closed.
7th - TS Home for the Holidays Dance.

21st - TS closed.

23rd - P&P closed.

25th - PHP closed.

28th - TS closed.

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